You don’t have to live with Erectile Dysfunction

There comes a stage in every man’s life when they gradually become to accept the fact that changes have to come. Some are welcome and others are not, but there is usually little that can be done to prevent them from happening in either scenario.

The truth is that there some changes that we can accept and others that we should refuse to, especially when it comes down to our health and well being. The older we get the more we need to take of our bodies, take proper exercise, watch our diets, and stop smoking and similar unhealthy habits. All of these actions will add to a healthier and more fulfilling life style. Yet there is often nothing that can be done about damage caused in the past due to excesses. There is no escaping the fact that obesity is on the rise in the Western World and has reached frightening proportions. With obesity invariably follows heart disease and stage 2 diabetes. With these two diseases comes a whole list of nasty side effects and at the top of the list, the modern day malady of erectile dysfunction (ED).

While there are a number of other causes for ED to occur, such as depression, stress, loss of self esteem and other issues of a behavioral nature, most of the reasons why a male will become dysfunctional usually stem from health issues, and occurs largely in males from their mid forties onwards. There are not a lot of statistics about because most men are reluctant to discuss the fact that they suffer from erectile dysfunction, although it is generally accepted that approximately 85% of adult males will suffer from ED at least on one occasion during the course of their adult life, while many become chronic sufferers.

Yet these people who have classed themselves as chronic sufferers are usually self-diagnosed and have accepted that there is nothing that they can do or can be done to return their libido. This is a very popular misconception as a male very rarely loses their attraction to sex, just the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. And, in most cases, that is a condition that is eminently curable. 

In recent years the emergence of certain drugs has signaled some great steps in curtailing ED. Anyone who gathers up the courage to discuss their ED problems with their family doctor will usually always find themselves leaving their surgery with a prescription for the drug (usually Viagra) and a warning not to overdo it. Many men safe the same nervousness and trauma as they may have experienced forty years or more before when they bought their first condoms, and will be unable to approach the chemist with their prescription, especially if she is young and pretty, This can lead to one of either two situations . The first is that the sufferer will continue to live with erectile dysfunction or secondly that they will acquire the drugs online without prescription or supervision. Viagra taken in unreasonably large quantities is known to can cause unpleasant and potentially life-threatening side effects. For that reason they should never be considered as a long-term solution for ED. 

Another option that has become popular for all the wrong reasons in the fight to find a cure for ED is penile implants. Penile implants mean a surgical procedure where a kind of silicone sheath is inserted into the male’s penis and when a male is interested in having sex, he attaches a miniature pump to his penis and inflates the sheath. While on paper this kind of treatment does provide a cure as such for ED it certainly is not an ideal one.

However scientists did recognize through these kind of invasive treatments that there might be a way to restore the f unctionality of the muscles and tissues that are consistent in the male penis without the use of either chemicals, implants or any form of invasive surgery. This exciting development is known as the Bathmate and has produced tremendous results in helping males to find a cure for ED which has proved to be long lasting and highly effective.

Like most brilliant ideas the Bathmate is remarkable in its simplicity and exceptionally easy and even pleasant to use. To begin with all of the treatments are carried out while in a bath of hot water (hence the name) or in the shower. The Bathmate is first placed over the penis and then allowed to fill with hot water. When the Bathmate is filled a simple pneumatic procedure will begin to apply pressure to the penis muscles and tissues, and gradually that pressure can be increased so that the penis will strain against it. This procedure will act to strengthen the damaged and weakened tissues and they will gradually become stronger. By repeating this procedure as often as possible and at least three times a week the penis will begin to recover its ability to retain blood. The blood which flows to the penis when a man becomes sexually aroused.

Soon thanks to Bathmate the male’s sex life will get back to normal and they will realise that you don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction.