The Benefits of Bathmate



How Bathmate® Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects 80% of men at some time in their lives, however, for some men it is more than a occasional problem. Bathmate® can help men for whom erectile dysfunction is more than a temporary inconvenience. Bathmate® mimics the effect that is achieved during a natural erection by drawing blood into the Corpora cavernosa. For those whom blood flow into the penis is a problem, due to vascular issues for example, Bathmate® can be very beneficial. Bathmate® exercises the penis and places blood into the vascular areas of the penis that has not been able to carry as much blood before. Forcing blood through these veins makes it easier for them to carry more blood in the future, which is beneficial to those men who have experienced erectile dysfunction due to vascular insufficiency.

After abdominal surgery, often the penis suffers from erectile dysfunction due to tissue damage from the operation. The body will eventually heal itself, but Bathmate® may speed up the recovery time. Forcing oxygenated blood into the Corpora cavernosa of the penis and through the vascular tissues speeds the healing process by exercising these tissues. The Bathmate® also treats Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis) due to the equal vacuum generated by the water in the pump, which with regular use causes the penis to regain its natural shape.

Bathmate® is intended to be used on its own, however, at the user’s own risk they may wish to place a medically approved constriction ring at the base of the penis after Bathmate® has drawn blood into the penis. This will hold the blood inside the penis and mimic the effects of an erection. Any constriction device must not be placed upon the body for a length of time greater than 30minutes.

How Bathmate® Can Treat Temporary Penile Shrinkage Caused by Exercise

Often, after strenuous exercise, a man may find that his penis has diminished in size. The size of a man’s penis is dependent upon how much blood is flowing into it.

During strenuous exercise the blood, containing oxygen, is pumped quickly around the body. This oxygenated blood supplies the vital organs with the necessary oxygen that is required during this period of activity.

During a game of football, for example, the penis is not a vital organ and therefore blood is not pumped into this part of the body in any large quantities. This means that the penis may experience some loss of size.

Bathmate® forces blood back into the Corpora cavernosa. The vacuum force created by Bathmate® sucks the blood from the main blood stream into the penis therefore returning the penis to its previously larger size.

With regular, prolonged use the Bathmate causes the penis to increase by one to three inches in length, thirty percent in girth and forty percent in volume. This increase can be beneficial to the confidence and hence the psychological health of the user. An increase in the quality of sexual relationships is an additional benefit.

Bathmate® and the Heart

While using Bathmate® it has been noted that there is an increase in heart rate. This raised heart rate is maintained throughout the usage time.

The function of the heart is to pump blood to all parts of the body, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the body and removing waste products. When the body is at rest, it needs an amount of blood to do this, but during exercise or other bodily demands, more blood is required. In order to deliver this extra blood the heart rate increases and blood vessels dilate.

The biggest contributors to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) are lack of physical activity and high blood cholesterol levels

Experts are keen to encourage people to increase their heart rate through aerobic exercise because it has a positive impact upon the heart.  Physical exercise can halve the risk of having a heart attack.

An increased heart rate is desirable during exercise as the heart beats faster to pump more blood to the working muscles. The blood contains important oxygen, fluids and nutrients.

The increase in heart rate strengthens the heart muscle, similar to exercising any other muscle in the body. Aerobic exercise trains your heart to pump more blood with every stroke which can increase your cardiac output to eight times its resting capacity. Eventually the heart becomes more efficient at delivering oxygen and draining metabolic waste products away. This improved efficiency is sustained after exercise, resulting in a lower resting heart rate.

Regular physical activity for 30 minutes a day at least five times a week can help improve your cholesterol level. Physical activity increases the level of HDL (good) cholesterol but does not affect the LDL cholesterol. This increased HDL could increase the potential for the body to remove damaging cholesterol from the blood.

Further, increased sexual function and activity is beneficial to the immune system, enhancing overall health.

In summary, using Bathmate® regularly exercises the heart muscle and the physical exercise involved in using the product could be a contributory factor in increasing HDL cholesterol.

The Effectiveness of Bathmate®

The following information has been provided by genuine Bathmate® users and is a testament to the efficacy and safety of the Bathmate®:

Testing of the product has shown that if used daily, the product will last for 91.4 years.

Based upon a male having a sexual lifetime from ages 18-70, the product will last for 1 ¾ sexual lifetimes.

Tests show that the Bathmate® will only begin to malfunction under unnatural forces of above 43kg. The damage that will be done to the product at this force is not permanent damage. At this unnatural pressure there is no damage to the body, valve or any of the adhesions. If the product is ever put under forces of 43kg and above, there should be no risk of the product shattering or breaking and leading to a safety issue for the user.

A clinical trial showed that 88% of patients with arteriogenic erective dysfunction had satisfactory results with a vacuum device and had an improvement in their capacity for natural erections. Many studies have been performed on the efficacy of vacuum pumps for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is explained in more detail in the further information section in this report.

To date there are no reports of any serious safety issues relating to the use of Bathmate® and the product has never been recalled for any reason.

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