Shipping Locations

Our Warehouses

Bathmate has over the past two years opened up distribution centers all over the world. On this page you can see our locations in the United States, Canada and in Europe

On the above map, you can see our current Warehouse locations in the United States, optimized and strategically located to have your order dispatched to you as quickly as possible. We are located in Nevada, California, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania and in Ontario in Canada. Our main offices in the United States are located in Chicago, IL.

We have had a longer presence in the European Union and the EEA with headquarters in Switzerland. Our Warehouse locations are in France, United Kingdom (London), United Kingdom (Sussex), Germany, Sweden, Greece and Iceland. Each Warehouse location takes care of designated delivery countries and orders are dispatched 24/7 as they are received in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Our United Kingdom, Sussex, warehouse handles most of the International and Intercontinental shipments.

World Wide, we operate 14 warehouse locations and are able to serve four continents with speed and reliability. In Asia, our products are shipped from UPL Asia to over 9 different countries in the Asia/Pacific region.

To inquire about our distribution network contact us and tell us about your distribution needs, or if you are curious from where your order is being shipped.