Erectile Dysfunction and Bathmate

In survey after survey, men report that declining sexual performance is on of their greatest fears about getting older. As part of our focus on men’s penile health issues, Bathmate United States answers some important questions most commonly asked by men about erectile dysfunction.

QWhat are the most common myths and misconceptions about erectile dysfunction?
AOne common misconception is that emotional and psychology problems are the main causes. In truth, it’s just the opposite: research has shown that physical causes account for over 80% of erectile dysfunction cases.Another popular myth is that ED is an unavoidable part of the aging process. Yes, a man’s hormone levels diminish with age, and he may need more stimulation to achieve a healthy erection, but age alone does not cause erectile dysfunction.You might be now asking yourself how Bathmate can help you with maintaining a healthy penis. The simple answer is that by using Bathmate regularly, you draw rich oxygenated blood into the scrotum of your penis, keeping the tissues, veins and the sponge tissues in peak condition. Bathmate has been proven to also help reduce cholesterol in your body and thus the benefits are even more obvious than they may seem at a first glance.
QWhat are the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction?
ADifficulty achieving an erection can be caused by any number of factors, either physical, psychological, or a combination of both, although rare. A number of medical conditions are known to cause ED including sine arteriosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, prostate conditions including prostate enlargement and cancer, diseases affecting the nerves and brain (for example multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease), and vascular conditions that affect blood vessels and circulation.Unhealthy living, especially excessive stress, obesity and poor nutrition, lack of movement, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and illegal drug use among others, can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. These are all matters we, as men, can tackle by moving more, drinking less and stopping smoking, but what about the other issues like heart and poor blood circulation? Age also plays a role, although not significantly. Research has shown that ED affects about one out of 20 men aged 40 or older, but reaches only two out of 20 men aged 60 or older.Keep in mind though that ED can be a symptom of a potential undiagnosed medial condition and that is why men should always talk to their doctor if they suffer from any form of ED.
QWhat treatment options are most effective?
AThere has been tremendous progress in the number of effective treatments for ED. Although most men do not like to have an operation to have an penile implant; medication and penile pumps are often prescribed to patients by their doctors. With Bathmate, we do not recommend that you take medication if there is no physical cause for your dysfunction. Using a penile pump like Bathmate gives you much better penile health and syndromes usually stay away permanently. A reduction in stress levels and exercise are also a good compliment to the Bathmate program.
QWhat advice should be given to men who may be suffering from ED but are reluctant to seek professional help?
AMen should know that it is normal to feel anxious about talking to your doctor about ED. Men have always been less likely than women to make regular visits to the doctor, and there is a stigma in almost every society that men should be able to handle their problems by themselves, and that feeling vulnerable or seeking help is a sign of weakness.Get that mind set off your mind and start thinking like a modern man. Talk to your doctor, ask him about ED and methods used to cure it permanently, or proven alternatives like Bathmate Hydro pump. Doctors have been successfully treating men with ED for many years, and today there are so many natural treatment options available to men around the world.

Don’t simply look at the Bathmate as a device to increase your penis size, although that will happen with regular use; but start thinking about Bathmate as a tool to improve your quality of life and to put the spark back into your sex life.