Everyone wants to a bigger penis. Many advertisers know that, and are trying to jump on the bandwagon and sell you anything possible to take your money. However science has shown us that penis pumps are the most reliable, consistent way to grow your penis 100% safely.

However before deciding on which approach is for you, it is good to understand all the options you have. That’s why we’ve decided to show you an honest comparison between your options and which are safe, effective and proven.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis surgery works by splitting open the areas around your penis to access your fundiform and suspensory ligaments, which attach the two erectile bodies to the pubic bone. The penis is then stretched, the ligaments divided until all the midline attachements have been freed, and then stitched back together again.

The gains from this type of procedure can be between 0.78 -1.7 inches. However, with these gains comes enormous risk. Many patients undergoing this surgery lose full control of their penis, requiring a penile prostheses in order to gain an erection.

Penis Pills

Penis pills are the biggest rage in the porn industry, being endorsed by porn stars such as Ron Jeremy. The claims are absolutely bogus. Science has never proven any substance to add length or girth to your penis. Worse, Flora Research of California and the University of Maryland have analyzed many of these pills, discovering dangerous substances such as mold, yeast, E. Coli bacteria, pesticides and even lead.

Penis pills are not only dangerous to your overall health, but have never been proven by any scientific literature to even work.

Traditional Penis Pumps

Penis pumps have been around for decades, touted as one of the most effective methods for creating a harder, stronger, bigger penis. They work by forcing excess blood into your penis tissues, therefore expanding them and making them stronger.

While they have been proven to work, traditional penis pumps must be used carefully as they do not have any safety devices built into them. This sometimes causes burst blood vessels and blisters… and in rare occasions can cause your testicles to be sucked into the cylinder, causing severe pain and injury!

Hydropump Penis Pumps

Bathmate is the worlds first that takes a traditional penis pump and adds our patented “Hydropump” technology. This gives you all the gains of a traditional penis pumps (plus more), in a faster time period, while adding safety devices so your penis stays healthy.

In other words, the Bathmate is…

  • Easier to use with an updated design and pumping process…

  • More comfortable with its comfort pad that is 10x larger than a traditional penis pump…

  • Much more safe with its patented water hydraulics making it safer and more effective…

What makes the Bathmate unique from traditional penis pumps is the addition of water. Imagine pumping your penis with air versus water. Which do you think would be more safe and comfortable for you?

You can use the Bathmate in the shower, bathtub or even just sitting and watching TV. Just pour a cup of lukewarm water into the unit and begin to pump.

It’s less expensive than other options. It’s more safe. It works faster. It works better.

The Bathmate is completely revolutionizing the way men achieving a bigger, stronger, more girthy penis. Plus… it’s guaranteed to work or your money back!