The Bathmate Tosh.o Workout

At 2am our time in Europe, something strange started to happen, something really strange. At first we thought hackers where going to bring us down to our knees but after two hours of investigation and after our Servers hosted on Amazon and elsewhere went down because of an overload, we realized that Bathmate had been featured on the Tosh.O Show on Comedy Central.

As soon as we fixed the servers and moved more load to's excellent machines, we where back in business and the sales really spiked and in just 4 hours beating any sales records we previously had and the day is not over. Obviously, Bathmate gained a lot of free publicity based on its word of mouth during the five years it has been on the market.

We are very excited about the future and look forward for another show to pick up our product at random, even if they just make fun of it; laughter enlightens our soul and without it, life would be pretty boring! May the Bathmate long live.

Click here to watch the Bathmate scene

Yours truly,


Julian Roberts
Customers Care