Bathmate Goliath – The worlds largest penis enhancer!

Bathmate Goliath is no longer being manufactured but this article is left here for historical reasons.  We currently recommend the new HydroExtreme series instead.  

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We are very proud to bring to the market the largest Penis enlarger known to man, made to the specification of the well hung man that wants to maintain his penile health and gain maximum results.  The Goliath was born for two reasons; first being that our Bathmate Hercules customers demanded a larger version and the fact that the adult industry, that has become accustomed to using the Bathmate on their male stars to enhance their performance and size, also needed a device for their better hung stars.  

The Bathmate Goliath is 30% larger with the following specifications:

  Bathmate Hercules Bathmate Goliath
Weight 250g 330g
Width: 24Ø min / 84Ø max 24Ø min / 115Ø max
Length 11.65 inch 13.80 inch
Maximum penis girth: 1.88Ø inch  2.56Ø inch
Maximum penis length: 8.26 inch 10.24 inch
Max. vacuum air: -0,17 bar  -0,17 bar 
Max. vacuum water: -0,40 bar -0,40 bar

Bathmate is made from high quality Polycarbonate, skin safe rubber and stainless steel materials.

Size Chart


Hydromax X30 from Bathmate

Finally there is a pump with a kick! With over 50 new features over the regular standard Bathmate model, the Hydromax X30 delivers 35% more pumping power, styles a new Super Comfort Sleve for maximum comfort while pumping, a 360 degree Swivel Bellows and alot more…

  • The Bellows system now incorporates a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region. As an added bonus, it is also removable for ease of cleaning.
  • A new Swivel Bellows feature allows for full 360 degree positive rotation to give you full visual chamber viewing plus inclined angle change option for optimum efficiency when used in the bath or shower – or when you are using the amazing new Hydromax pleasure ring system.
  • A new Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for single hand filling in the shower, making using and positioning the hydropump much easier for you.
  • A new metric and imperial guidance scale gives you improved visual viewing area, plus upper and lower texturing on the vacuum tube for better grip and control.
  • The internal bellows size has been increased and the number of convolutes reduced to allow you to gain even more impressive girth expansion. 

There is nothing like the Hydromax X30 from Bathmate. Its powerful, durable and above all comfortable to use!

Hydromax X30 Xtreme from Bathmate

The X30 Xtreme takes your hydrotherapy workout to a new level. Its our most powerful pump, has the same unique globally patented design but this pump comes with many additions. A Handball pump for that works in water for a more Xtreme pumping sensation and maximum gains with the benefit of absolute comfort and control. If you’re serious about P.E. the new Hydromax Xtreme is the pump for you.

Included in the kit is: 

  • Xtreme Hydropump Carry Case 
  • Measuring Gauge
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Handball Pump
  • Comfort Insert Pad
  • Hose Attachment
  • Pump Lube
  • Security Lock
  • Shower Strap