Penis pills?

Research has shown that pills that are sold on the internet do not increase a penises length or girth. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia and I truly recommend that you read that article to see what’s written there. (in English)

Bathmate is a high quality penis enlargement pump that delivers from the first time you use it, the results are simply amazing.

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Bathmate has over the past two years opened up distribution centers all over the world. On this page you can see our locations in the United States, Canada and in Europe

On the above map, you can see our current Warehouse locations in the United States, optimized and strategically located to have your order dispatched to you as quickly as possible. We are located in Nevada, California, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania and in Ontario in Canada. Our main offices in the United States are located in Chicago, IL.

We have had a longer presence in the European Union and the EEA with headquarters in Switzerland. Our Warehouse locations are in France, United Kingdom (London), United Kingdom (Sussex), Germany, Sweden, Greece and Iceland. Each Warehouse location takes care of designated delivery countries and orders are dispatched 24/7 as they are received in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Our United Kingdom, Sussex, warehouse handles most of the International and Intercontinental shipments.

World Wide, we operate 14 warehouse locations and are able to serve four continents with speed and reliability. In Asia, our products are shipped from UPL Asia to over 9 different countries in the Asia/Pacific region.

To inquire about our distribution network contact us and tell us about your distribution needs, or if you are curious from where your order is being shipped.

Women Agree That Larger Penises Are Better Than Smaller

While this has been a heated debate for probably decades, the internet has finally found a solution to ask women around the world the question that has been burning on us, men, since time began; Is my dick big enough?

While writing this article, various forums, women’s chat rooms and official surveys where examined that lead to a very consistent pattern; small penises are not welcome inside a women’s vagina (below 5 inches in length and less than 4.5 inches in girth) while majority of women enjoyed penis sizes up to 11 inches long with a girth ranging from 6 to 7 inches.

A detailed breakdown of this review of preferred women’s choice is as follows:

Women DO NOT like:

  • Penis size smaller than 5 inches in length, at all, and no female fancied a dick with a less circumference than 4 1/2 inches. Furthermore, women where as brutal when it came to too large penises and voted that a penis weighing in more than 7 1/4 in circumference no matter the length was unacceptable.

What women DO like:

  • Most females preferred a penis length from 7 to 11 inches end voted for that size to be enjoyable.
  • The second runner up where females that liked there men to be at least 8 inches in length with a circumference ranging from 5 3/4th of an inch to 7 inches.
  • The most interesting group where those that rated the penis size being very satisfying but not ideal and majority of those voted from length from 6 to 9 inches and circumference from 5 3/4th inches to 6 3/4 inches.
  • The HOT SPOT was determined by the narrowest group but most voted for in the survey. In that group, they rated the Ideal penis size to be 7 1/4th of an inch to 8 1/4th of an inch, and circumference of 6 1/4 to 6 1/2.

There are no scientific studies that point to the same conclusion was the study performed by PenisSizeDebate® but when you take into account the amount of participants, and female behavior, this is most likely the conciliation; a big dick with a great circumference.

About the author
Ms. C. McLane is a highly renowned researcher with a reputation for accuracy and un-biast analyses of data. Her books such as “What Women Want” printed in 1985 in the United Kingdom was one of the best sellers and broke the ice for open talk amongst women about what they really wanted in their sex life. In her later years, McLane focused her research more on Penis Enlargement as an aid to help men that could not satisfy their partners with small penises and has been an advocate for open and honest talk in all levels of society ever since.

You don’t have to live with Erectile Dysfunction

There comes a stage in every man’s life when they gradually become to accept the fact that changes have to come. Some are welcome and others are not, but there is usually little that can be done to prevent them from happening in either scenario.

The truth is that there some changes that we can accept and others that we should refuse to, especially when it comes down to our health and well being. The older we get the more we need to take of our bodies, take proper exercise, watch our diets, and stop smoking and similar unhealthy habits. All of these actions will add to a healthier and more fulfilling life style. Yet there is often nothing that can be done about damage caused in the past due to excesses. There is no escaping the fact that obesity is on the rise in the Western World and has reached frightening proportions. With obesity invariably follows heart disease and stage 2 diabetes. With these two diseases comes a whole list of nasty side effects and at the top of the list, the modern day malady of erectile dysfunction (ED).

While there are a number of other causes for ED to occur, such as depression, stress, loss of self esteem and other issues of a behavioral nature, most of the reasons why a male will become dysfunctional usually stem from health issues, and occurs largely in males from their mid forties onwards. There are not a lot of statistics about because most men are reluctant to discuss the fact that they suffer from erectile dysfunction, although it is generally accepted that approximately 85% of adult males will suffer from ED at least on one occasion during the course of their adult life, while many become chronic sufferers.

Yet these people who have classed themselves as chronic sufferers are usually self-diagnosed and have accepted that there is nothing that they can do or can be done to return their libido. This is a very popular misconception as a male very rarely loses their attraction to sex, just the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. And, in most cases, that is a condition that is eminently curable. 

In recent years the emergence of certain drugs has signaled some great steps in curtailing ED. Anyone who gathers up the courage to discuss their ED problems with their family doctor will usually always find themselves leaving their surgery with a prescription for the drug (usually Viagra) and a warning not to overdo it. Many men safe the same nervousness and trauma as they may have experienced forty years or more before when they bought their first condoms, and will be unable to approach the chemist with their prescription, especially if she is young and pretty, This can lead to one of either two situations . The first is that the sufferer will continue to live with erectile dysfunction or secondly that they will acquire the drugs online without prescription or supervision. Viagra taken in unreasonably large quantities is known to can cause unpleasant and potentially life-threatening side effects. For that reason they should never be considered as a long-term solution for ED. 

Another option that has become popular for all the wrong reasons in the fight to find a cure for ED is penile implants. Penile implants mean a surgical procedure where a kind of silicone sheath is inserted into the male’s penis and when a male is interested in having sex, he attaches a miniature pump to his penis and inflates the sheath. While on paper this kind of treatment does provide a cure as such for ED it certainly is not an ideal one.

However scientists did recognize through these kind of invasive treatments that there might be a way to restore the f unctionality of the muscles and tissues that are consistent in the male penis without the use of either chemicals, implants or any form of invasive surgery. This exciting development is known as the Bathmate and has produced tremendous results in helping males to find a cure for ED which has proved to be long lasting and highly effective.

Like most brilliant ideas the Bathmate is remarkable in its simplicity and exceptionally easy and even pleasant to use. To begin with all of the treatments are carried out while in a bath of hot water (hence the name) or in the shower. The Bathmate is first placed over the penis and then allowed to fill with hot water. When the Bathmate is filled a simple pneumatic procedure will begin to apply pressure to the penis muscles and tissues, and gradually that pressure can be increased so that the penis will strain against it. This procedure will act to strengthen the damaged and weakened tissues and they will gradually become stronger. By repeating this procedure as often as possible and at least three times a week the penis will begin to recover its ability to retain blood. The blood which flows to the penis when a man becomes sexually aroused.

Soon thanks to Bathmate the male’s sex life will get back to normal and they will realise that you don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction and Bathmate

In survey after survey, men report that declining sexual performance is on of their greatest fears about getting older. As part of our focus on men’s penile health issues, Bathmate United States answers some important questions most commonly asked by men about erectile dysfunction.

QWhat are the most common myths and misconceptions about erectile dysfunction?
AOne common misconception is that emotional and psychology problems are the main causes. In truth, it’s just the opposite: research has shown that physical causes account for over 80% of erectile dysfunction cases.Another popular myth is that ED is an unavoidable part of the aging process. Yes, a man’s hormone levels diminish with age, and he may need more stimulation to achieve a healthy erection, but age alone does not cause erectile dysfunction.You might be now asking yourself how Bathmate can help you with maintaining a healthy penis. The simple answer is that by using Bathmate regularly, you draw rich oxygenated blood into the scrotum of your penis, keeping the tissues, veins and the sponge tissues in peak condition. Bathmate has been proven to also help reduce cholesterol in your body and thus the benefits are even more obvious than they may seem at a first glance.
QWhat are the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction?
ADifficulty achieving an erection can be caused by any number of factors, either physical, psychological, or a combination of both, although rare. A number of medical conditions are known to cause ED including sine arteriosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, prostate conditions including prostate enlargement and cancer, diseases affecting the nerves and brain (for example multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease), and vascular conditions that affect blood vessels and circulation.Unhealthy living, especially excessive stress, obesity and poor nutrition, lack of movement, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and illegal drug use among others, can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. These are all matters we, as men, can tackle by moving more, drinking less and stopping smoking, but what about the other issues like heart and poor blood circulation? Age also plays a role, although not significantly. Research has shown that ED affects about one out of 20 men aged 40 or older, but reaches only two out of 20 men aged 60 or older.Keep in mind though that ED can be a symptom of a potential undiagnosed medial condition and that is why men should always talk to their doctor if they suffer from any form of ED.
QWhat treatment options are most effective?
AThere has been tremendous progress in the number of effective treatments for ED. Although most men do not like to have an operation to have an penile implant; medication and penile pumps are often prescribed to patients by their doctors. With Bathmate, we do not recommend that you take medication if there is no physical cause for your dysfunction. Using a penile pump like Bathmate gives you much better penile health and syndromes usually stay away permanently. A reduction in stress levels and exercise are also a good compliment to the Bathmate program.
QWhat advice should be given to men who may be suffering from ED but are reluctant to seek professional help?
AMen should know that it is normal to feel anxious about talking to your doctor about ED. Men have always been less likely than women to make regular visits to the doctor, and there is a stigma in almost every society that men should be able to handle their problems by themselves, and that feeling vulnerable or seeking help is a sign of weakness.Get that mind set off your mind and start thinking like a modern man. Talk to your doctor, ask him about ED and methods used to cure it permanently, or proven alternatives like Bathmate Hydro pump. Doctors have been successfully treating men with ED for many years, and today there are so many natural treatment options available to men around the world.

Don’t simply look at the Bathmate as a device to increase your penis size, although that will happen with regular use; but start thinking about Bathmate as a tool to improve your quality of life and to put the spark back into your sex life. 

Wayne’s Story

Featured Testimonial

It is not every day a customer calls us up at the office with tears in his eyes, wanting to go on record under full name and on video, because sincerely the Bathmate has changed this young man’s life to the better. Wayne Forman was in a car accident a few years ago and as a result suffered from a spinal injury that left him completely disabled from the hips down. Men with spinal injury do not get erections as men without this type of injury do, thus, these involuntary erections are something they do not get and therefore their penis deteriorates. This is Wayne’s story:

Agust: Hello sir, my name is Agust

– My name is Wayne, nice to meet you

Agust: You too.

Agust: So how did it come about that you got to know the Bathmate?

– I know the Bathmate through a friend of mine, John, the guy who invented it. I’ve known John for a few years and so he told me I should try it.

Agust: And how did it work for you?

– It works very well. Very, very well.

Agust: So you are pleased with the results?

– I’m very pleased with it. Before, because of my disability and such like, my penis was not getting used as much as it should have been getting used, so therefore it started to deteriorate and it didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to look. John was pestering me and pestering me to use it, but I did not use it. But then I eventually used it and literally within three weeks of me using it I’m noticing like a massive difference, it looks healthier, it looks better – it actually looks like a dick should look.

Agust: How long have you been using the Bathmate?

– Probably been using it for about six months or so.

Agust: Six months, and you noticed the results in what, three weeks?

– I noticed the difference after the second time using it. Just in the colour of it and the healthiness of how it looks, that’s all.

Agust: What aspects of your sex life and your life in general has it affected?

– It’s the feel good factor that it is more than anything. As a man you look upon your penis as your manhood and after my accident it made me feel less of a man because I was not using it as much as I should, and when I looked between my legs it was not what it used to be. With the Bathmate, when you take it off after you’ve had your shower and you start looking down you start thinking: “That’s my dick”. More than anything you’re not making it your boss.

Agust: But before you got to know the Bathmate, how did you get and maintain erections?

– The erections. I still get erections through Caverject injections. That’s how I get an erection, but obviously now I have more size, I have more girth… but… I was pretty much in doubt before my accident [regarding my penis size] but I lost say half of my penis size after my accident by just not using it – it just shrunk – but now I have superseded what I was before. So, for me, that is a plus.

Agust: So you not only gained back your size but you also added to your size?

– Yes, I also increased.

Agust: May I ask, have you measured it – in inches or in centimetres?

– No, I just look down there and see the difference.

Agust: Ah, you just notice the difference. Wel,l we can see from the before and after photos and videos that it is actually humongous.

– I think so!

Agust: Well it is something to be proud of!

– I thought so, the wife is happy.

Agust: Yeah. Well, dedication is the key isn’t it?

– It is. I use the Bathmate as part of my routine; I get into the shower, wash myself, apply, and then continue to wash myself, take it off, re-apply it and continue washing, and incorporate it into my bathing routine.

Agust: Would you recommend this product, the Bathmate, to other people?

– I recommend it to everybody I play rugby and basketball with, everybody that’s got a disability. I also recommend it to all my friends that do not have disabilities. Everyone I have recommended it to is happy with it. You never heard a woman saying that, oh, that is too big – what am I going to do with that?

Agust: Yes, exactly. So tell me a little bit about yourself. Sorry – I was going to ask you before, but I was just so excited to get to the point – but you are in sports all the time?

– I am. Yes.

Agust: What kind of Sports?

– I play Wheelchair Rugby league and I play Wheelchair Basketball.

Agust: Ok, and your teammates, do they all have a Bathmate now?

– All of them, every one of them.

Agust: And they are enjoying it as well?

– Yeah, they are, it’s just like I said. With a disability it is so much harder, because they, like me, have no control over their penis, and it is so much harder to maintain the health of the penis. But the Bathmate does it all for you.

Agust: And what about the future, do you think you need a bigger size?

– I would like a bigger size, yes. But I don’t think the wife will be too happy about that though.

Agust: How does your wife take this, is she happy with this?

– She is very happy with it. Sometimes it can be slightly uncomfortable for her, but it is work in progress.

Agust: It was very nice chatting with you and I hope we can continue watching your results especially when the bigger version comes out, that is if the wife will allow it that is.

– This is true

Agust: Thank you, sir.

– Thank you

Ultramax Products vinner pris för bästa medicinska produkt 2010

Ultramax Products Limited i Storbritannien har kammat hem priset för bästa medicinska
Produkt 2010 päaring äaringrets Venus Visa utställning för sin revolutionära penisförstorare, Bathmate.

När detta prestigefyllda pris överlämnades till John Oakes, uppfinnaren av Bathmate, sade herr Carsten Borgegmeier, “Som ett erkännande för Bathmate, en innovativ produkt som har visat sig göra mycket mer än vad som står på papperet. Vi är stolta över att tilldela årets pris för bästa medecinska produkt till Bathmate.”

Bolagets chefs designer, John Oakes, som tog emot priset, sa: “Vi är glada över att ha tilldelats en så viktig utmärkelse vid världens ledande utställning för sexuell hälsa. Det stöder vår hängivenhet till en produkt som skapar både lycka och sexuell tillfredsställelse för tusentals män och deras sexuella partners runt om i världen. “

John fortsatte med att säga: “Bathmate Hydropump är en unik produkt, inte bara eftersom det är den enda penis pump i världen som använder vattnets kraft för att skapa ett undertryck runt penis, det är också den enda penis pumpen som visat sig fungera för att träna penis och ge hådare, längre erektioner, samt att öka penis längd och omkrets. Det är även den enda penispump som sluter runt bäcken botten och inte bara runt själva penis, den innesluter hela penis, vilket leder till full utvidgning utan risk för distorsion. “

Vi på Bathmate Sverige är mycket stolta över detta pris och ser fram emot det nya året som ligger precis runt hörnet. Vi tackar er, våra kunder! Utan era röster hade inte det här varit möjligt.

Vi vill också tacka Borgermeier Publishing för priset samt all personal på Ultramax Products och det stora team som gjort Bathmate till ledare inom området penishälsa.

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