Bathmate Pleasure – The All New Lubricant from Bathmate!

Just recently the inventors of Bathmate started to formulate a revolutionary new lubricant that would not only complement the Bathmate range of products, but also give you the best sexual experience with a highly effective, long lasting lubricant made from natural materials that are both safe and dermatologically tested. The Bathmate Pleasure Water Based Lubricant with Aloe Vera was born, and from that moment onwards, there was nothing that could stop our team of scientists to come up with the best possible product, both when it came to the lubricant itself, but also the technology that went into the unique, patented, air-free dispenser. Air can never come in touch with the content of the bottle, which means it does not need any preservatives.

  • Lubricant that lasts
  • Fortified with Aloe Vera
  • All Natural
  • Unique non-messy dispenser
  • Air free dispenser
  • Water based (Condom safe)

The lube

Soft, silky smooth lubricant requiring only a small amount for maximum lubrication that lasts for a long time. The added secret ingredient, Aloe Vera, leaves your genitals silky smooth and acts just like a moisturizer does for your face. Combined with the power of Bathmate, the look and feel of your penis will increase noticeably after just a few uses.

The Dispenser

Good is not excellent, and thus we selected a unique never-before-used container and dispenser for the Bathmate Pleasure lubricant. It is completely air-tight so air can never spoil your precious Bathmate Pleasure lubricant, although we do recommend you use the contents of the bottle within six months after opening.

The dispenser dispenses 2ml of lubricant on each pump, providing you with over 50 applications; just enough, but not too little to give you full lubrication on your entire penis for self masturbation, intercourse with or without condom or for extra comfort while using your Bathmate.

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